Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What’s the difference between the different types of ejuices?

A:  We currently have three series of e-juices:

1.  Original Series – This is our mainstay.  The juice that sells the most.  Used by quitters, public-area vapers, and everyone in-between.  It has a mix ratio of 50% PG & 50% VG.  It produces a good size of vape and retains flavor very well.  It’s BY FAR the series we sell the most of.

2.  MaxVG Series – We started in the Max VG or High VG e-juice game late.  We took our time to master what it takes to make a very good tasting high VG juice.  This series combines enough flavor to make the e-juice awesome, but not enough to gunk-up your coils.  Most of this series are well into the 95%+ VG levels with little to no PG.  This juice is for the cloud chasing crowd that also has a love for good flavor.

3.  Premium Series – This series is coming very soon.  More details to come, but let’s just say it is going to be damn awesome!

Q:  When and how do I get my Ejuices?!

A:  We ship most juices within 1 business day, but since we are a smaller shop with high volume it does happen from time-to-time where we need 2-business days to fulfill orders.  We ship all orders United States Postal Service First Class Mail or Priority Mail.

Q:  Do you use only USA-made ingredients in your juices?

A:  Absolutely!  Fear Not!  Every ingredient is made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Q:  Can I get a discount? 

A:  We offer a lot of loyalty discounts to our customers that continue to come back time and time again.  If you want to know more about that make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.  We are constantly emailing out different promo codes!